Turbolink is trying to supply high performance bearings through continuous research and development of fluid film bearing.

No Research and Development Capabilities
1 Localization of design and manufacture of high-speed turbo compressor bearing (600 HP, 900 HP, 1250 HP, 1500 HP, 2250 HP)
2 Development of self-lubricating type equalizing thrust bearing for small to medium sized turbine
3 Development of high-reliability anti-spragging tilting pad journal bearing
4 Development of self-equalizing thrust bearing for USC turbine
5 Development of turbine and rotor bearing system
6 Development of bearing for 300 HP ultrahigh speed turbo compressor
7 Research of localization of tilting pad bearing for 500MW standard power high-interim pressure turbine
8 Development high-capacity vertical combined bearing
9 Localization of small hydropower water-turbine generator sliding bearing
10 Design of bearing system for hermetic compressor
11 Localization of design and manufacture of BFPT journal & thrust bearing
12 Localization of generator steady bearing
13 Localization of generator TE, CE bearings
14 Localization of condensate pump up-thrust bearing
15 Development of bearing for large propulsion motor
16 Development of turbo type high-pressure gas compressor bearing
17 Development of water injection system bearing for offshore plant
18 Development of journal & thrust bearing for 20MW or less steam turbine
19 Solution of problem though configuration improvement of power plant turbine and generator bearing