Turbolink specializes in design and manufacturing of fluid film bearings, the key parts of high-speed, high-load rotating machinery.
Since the foundation in 2001 and the establishment of a R&D center in 2003, Turbolink has been developing various products, such as bearings for 65,000 RPM super-speed turbo compressors and high-load turbines and generators with hundreds of tons of axial load, using its own technology.
 Turbolink is going all-out in R&D and quality improvement to become the No.1 bearing manufacturer in the world.


about-4 Turbolink won ISO 9001 certification for quality management system in 2005, ISO 14001 for environmental management system in 2006 and KOSHA 18001 for occupational health and safety management system in 2012. The prize to celebrate the achievement of one million dollars in export in 2011 and many other prizes and certificates also have been awarded to the company.
 Turbolink is operating overseas branches in Japan, China, India, Germany, Spain and Finland by coordinating with KOTRA. Starting from exports of its bearings to Mitsubishi Corp., Japan in 2006, the company has been expanding its business to many countries across the world including Japan, China, the United States, Finland and India etc.