rnd_0Turbolink Research & Development center has been studying and developing high quality bearings by theoretical analysis as well as experimental analysis. Whether the goal is greater capacity, higher operating speed, or any special requirement, each improvement Turbolink makes means more performance for you.

Bearing and Rotordynamic Analysis

When a bearing fails, accurate diagnosis is the key to repair it. Turbolink bearing experts carry out full rotating machine studies (bearing characteristic analysis and rotor dynamic analysis) of your installation to identify the cause of the malfunction and to make a proper countermeasure.

Bearing Analysis

  • 3-dimension thermo-hydrodynamic analysis
  • Load capacity
  • Power loss
  • Stiffness & damping coefficient
  • Stability


Rotor Dynamic Analysis

  • Bearing dynamic characteristic analysis
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Unbalance response
  • Stability analysis
  • Transient response
  • Torsional vibration analysis