Fixed profile bearing is a kind of bearing that has been used for the longest period and its efficiency has been approved by using for long period. Fixed bearing is generally applied to the rotary machine that is loaded by heavy weight with low speed and high speed and it is widely used due to its simple design. Fixed profile bearing is applied to journal bearing and thrust bearing as well. Combined type of  bearing that has thrust surface on both ends of journal bearing is also produced. Even though multi-lobe type of journal bearing among fixed profile bearings can be used sometimes as high speed purpose, however tilting pad journal bearing is mainly used in case of very high speed in consideration of safety.


  • Simplicity
  • Compact
  • Journal bearing : Cylindrical type, Elliptical type,
  • Multi-lobe type
  • Thrust bearing : Land type, Taper land type


  • Turbine, Generator, Compressor, Motor, Pump