Turbo link tilting pad journal bearing has the excellent mechanical properties of only satisfy fully the requirements of each rotating machinery. Turbo link with electrical isolation and (Tilting) alignment performance of accuracy various fluid static pressure jacking (Hydrostatic Jacking), double tilting to develop the type various pad pivot (Pad Pivot) through the design technology I will offer a tilting pad journal bearing was. Turbo link to design a bearing that can be optimized for rotating equipment your Evaluate load bearing capacity as well as damping coefficient and stiffness (Load Capacity), minimum oil film (Film) thickness, the bearing characteristics, such as the maximum bearing metal temperature have.

prod_d9Characteristics Double tilting pad journal bearings

  • Less sensitive to shaft alignment
  • Pivot type : Point pivot, Ball socket pivot
  • Direction of load : LOP(Load On Pads), LBP(Load Between Pads)

Anti spragging bearings

  • Preloaded bearings
  • Optimum pivot bearings
  • Hydrodynamically stable at high speed


  • Turbine, Generator, Compressor, Gear Box, Pump, Motor